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Faeton Restaurant Complex

Faeton Restaurant Complex is located in the heart of Gyumri, cultural capital of Armenia. This place is distinguished by its contemporary design, bright colors and cozy atmosphere. We do our best to satisfy every customer and ensure excellent service.
At Faeton, our emphasis is on providing fresh, delicious and healthy food. Our chefs are the best ones in the country and perfectly prepared dishes prove that every single day.
Faeton offers a fabulous range of services for anniversaries, children's birthdays, parties and other special events.


Established in 2017, Faeton Restaurant Complex has already earned excellent reputation, and that’s not surprising. Our staff is definitely the best one and we are lucky to have the most experienced chefs! We serve the highest quality food available in terms of freshness and flavor. Faeton is a perfect place to share a romantic night out, celebrate a special occasion, or simply spend your day in a unique atmosphere.

Kids’ Cafe

Faeton Kids’ Cafe is the happiest and the most colorful part of our restaurant complex. It is definitely the favorite part of our little guests. We have created a perfect atmosphere to keep our younger cafe-goers smiling and joyful, while their parents enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious meal. Play areas, kids menu, friendly staff, and millions of bright colors... what else do your children need to be happy?!


Faeton’s banqueting rooms are available to hire as part of your banquet dinner, event or conference. It offers modern and cozy halls to gather and enjoy your special event or just relax in a friendly atmosphere. Faeton Cafe Restaurant has unique banqueting rooms dedicated to two world-famous Armenians - Charles Aznavour and Mher Mkrtchyan, better known by his stage name Frunzik.


Fresh and delicious food, comfort and simplicity, that’s what Faeton’s bistro offers to its customers. We give an exclusive opportunity to enjoy delicious, yet reasonably priced food and drinks in a friendly and casual atmosphere. Home delivery is another great option to enjoy our tasty meals at your place! Just experience Faeton Bistro and discover why we’ve become a favorite food place for both locals and tourists from all over the world.

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